Create a Culture of Learning

Do you want a culture of learning and improvement?  ITN can help.  Let us use our Enterprise Learning Platform and expertise to help you create a program that fits your learning needs as well as your budget.  We have several options to choose from.  

ITN Learning Solutions

Program Tracking and Reporting

Program Tracking and Reporting

Program Tracking and Reporting


Our certified training experts work with you to put together learning programs for your company.  We then provide technical support, organize, monitor, and report program progress on a periodic basis.  

Instructor Lead Training

Program Tracking and Reporting

Program Tracking and Reporting


In addition to creating and monitoring learning programs, ITN instructors are available to guide and lead learners through course materials.  Instructors work with class members as part of a designated plan. 

Live Training Sessions

Program Tracking and Reporting

Live Training Sessions


Would you like to have a live training session?  Our training experts are there to lead the way.  You designate the program content and ITN will facilitate your live learning session.  

Instructional Design

Performance Analytics

Live Training Sessions


Need help selecting courses?  Our training experts can help you pick the courses you need.  Use our course content or yours or both.  Let us help you put together a great learning plan.

Testing Services

Performance Analytics

Performance Analytics


Some courses need verification of completion and mastery of course content.  ITN can help you design and administer the testing you need to assure the competencies you want. 

Performance Analytics

Performance Analytics

Performance Analytics


Measure the effectiveness of your learning program with our analytical services.  We can relate your training programs with measurable results to ensure the learning programs that are most effective for you. 

The Benefits of Our Program


Use Our Platform and Expertise

ITN provides an exceptionally robust learning platform.  Our "Easy to Use" enterprise learning platform is a cloud-based solution that offers learners of all abilities and positions, the opportunity to learn anytime and anywhere and on any device. 

Provide Professional Content

We make building courses easy.  Quickly search and access pre-built course modules from our extensive library or use your own.  Our learning experts are there to help you design the course, the content, and the learning path that is right for you.

Automate Implementation

Our learning platform enables you to organize, schedule and track, teams, departments, or individuals.  Automatically issue assignments, tests, emails, and certificates of completion. 

Track Progress

Monitor the progress of your training efforts.  Our system is set up to track and provide the reports you want when you want them. 

Analyze and Optimize

A learning strategy’s execution and impact should be measured using key performance indicators (KPIs). We measure how closely aligned all L&D initiatives and investments are with business priorities and results using our AI platform. 


Our general pricing is based on a platform access fee and the active number of users per month.  Learn all you want and pay one low price.  You control your costs by controlling the number of learners you have on the platform.  

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