Interview Training

Hiring effectively is the single greatest long-term contribution to your organization. In this course, you will learn the fundamental principles of hiring and interviewing, how to create criteria to hire by, create excellent interview questions, review resumes, conduct each interview, and capture interview results. 

Course Description



This Learning Path covers all aspects of the hiring process; from recruiting the right candidates to asking the right interview questions to ensure you hire the perfect employee. 

  • 19 Learning Modules
  • 8 Weeks Access
  • Certificate of Completion
  • $ 129.00

Learning Modules

Each video provides an introduction and tutorial for each step of the hiring process, as well as an overview of current recruitment laws.  

  • Recruiting New People 
  • Recruitment Law -  IRCA and Patriot Act (2 Parts)
  • Recruitment Law - EEO Set of Laws (2 Parts) 
  • Recruitment - Job Analysis and Job Description 
  • Recruitment Strategies (2 Parts) 
  • Recruitment - Process and Strategy 
  • Selecting New Employees - Criteria Development and Resume Review 
  • Selecting New Employees - Testing 
  • Interview and Selection 
  • Choosing an Interview Format and Considering Legal Issues 
  • Types of Interviews and Interview Questions
  • Matching Applicants with Job Specifications and Conducting Interviews 
  • Selection Methods 
  • Interview Methods and Avoiding Mistakes 
  • Making the Offer 
  • The Selection Process 


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