Employment Law

The Introduction to Employment Law presents, in a simple, straightforward manner the basics HR professionals, employers, and small business owners need to know about their relationship with their employees to comply with the law and protect themselves and their business from legal action.

Course Description



  This Learning Path covers an introduction to employment law with particular emphasis on basic legal concepts. It covers the basics of employment law in short, easy to learn video modules.   

  • 20 Learning Modules
  • 8 Weeks Access
  • Certificate of Completion
  • $ 129.00

Learning Modules

Each video offers general principles, highlights key issues, and provides specific examples and suggestions to help make the employer-employee relationship run more smoothly.  

  • Recruitment Law, Part One - IRCA and Patriot Act
  • Recruitment Law, Part Two - EEO Set of Laws
  • Laws Relating to Pay
  • Employee Rights - Job Protection Rights
  • Employee Rights - Labor Unions
  • Employee RIghts - Privacy
  • HIPAA Privacy and Security
  • Multiculturism and the Law
  • Preventing Workplace Discrimination and Harrassment (2 Courses)
  • Sexual Harrassment Prevention
  • Current Labor Challenges and the Law (2 Courses)
  • Privacy Law Fundamentals
  • Laws Relating to Pay
  • Employee Separation
  • Job Protection Rights
  • Labor Unions
  • A Safe Workplace
  • OSHA Right to Know Laws


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