Create Your Own Course

Do you have specific business training needs?  Let us help.  Our learning and training experts can help you design and set up your course content and learning paths. We subsequently upload your business-related information and create an automated, go anywhere, anytime learning processes that your employees will love.   

Convert and Automate Your Learning Materials

Convert your legacy content into a professional, digital format that can be hosted on our cloud-based, learning platform.  Your employees can then learn on any device they want, when they want, and where they want.  Most importantly, you can help them learn more efficiently and at a lower cost.  

Mix and Match Content

When building a course, feel free to use our extensive library of learning modules.  You can use your own content, our content our you can mix and match our content with yours to develop highly effective professional learning sessions.  To see our course selection, download the ITN learning modules from the link below.  No matter what your learning goals are – growing sales, improving productivity, leadership training, maintaining compliance or learning basic office skills – our library of online learning lessons is there to help train your organization. 

We Provide a Professional Format and Support

Our course development experts can transform your training materials into professional, online video courses.  Train your employees with expert quality content and confidence using ITN Academy expertise and software.   We make building and using  online courses easy.  

Host Your Courses on Our Platform

The ITN SAP-based platform is a cloud-based solution that offers lessons your employees can access anytime and anywhere.   Our Enterprise Learning Platform enables you to organize, schedule and track teams, departments or individuals.  Automatically issue assignments, tests, emails, and certificates of completion.  

Track Progress Automatically

Do you want to ensure compliance with your training goals?  Assure your management, customers and outside agencies meet the expectations set for them.  Our reporting system is second to none.   Our platform enables you to organize, schedule and track teams, departments or individuals. Automatically issue assignments, tests, emails, certificates of completion and reports.   

Instructor Lead Training

Our eLearning platform can be used to equip instructors who teach courses with a greater array of training tools.   ITN eLearning tools let instructors easily provide handouts and other supporting reference materials to learners in the midst of a session.  We also have gamification tools that further enable instructors by incorporating badges, points, and leaderboards into lessons.   Finally, our platform works with with other web-based conference platforms and videoconferencing tools to let instructors conduct lessons and engage participants remotely, giving them maximum reach locally, internationally, and globally.    

Test for Comprehension

Once your employees have taken the course your want to make sure that they have mastered the material content.  Use your testing materials or let us help you create the tests and assessments needed to assure competencies.  Our testing is built right on to our platform to make tracking and reporting an automated process. 

Empower Your Employees

Our learning platform empowers individuals, managers, teams and organizations to collaborate, author, globally distribute, and track, web-based training courses.   Your employees will love the ease of use and the quality of our content.

Technical Support

Our technical support team stands ready to help you with course management needs.  We can can assist you in the design and implementation of all of your projects - from start to finish. 

Simple and Affordable Pricing

 Our pricing is a simple fee based on number of users per month. Take all the courses you want. Learn all you want and pay one low price.  Contact us today to discuss your learning needs. 

Let Us Make Your Training Videos


Product Knowledge

Specialized Skills

Product Knowledge

Good product training is essential to the success fo a companies bottom line. Help your customers and employees know more about your products and services.


Process Knowledge

Specialized Skills

Product Knowledge

An understanding of business processes is critical to efficient and cost-effective operations.   Help to bring your employees up to speed with our go anywhere, anytime on any mobile device lessons. 


Specialized Skills

Specialized Skills

Specialized Skills

Do you have special skills that need to be learned by others?  Let us help you to convert that expertise into training modules that make mastering the skill easy and cost-effectively.

Sample Training Video

Employee Handbook: Time and Attendance

Do you have policies and procedures that need to be communicated to your employees?  Let our team of training and video experts develop your course.  We are passionate about your workforce and their success.

View Our Library of Learning Modules

Mix and Match Modules

With the ITN Enterprise Learning Platform you can mix and match our learning modules anyway you want to create the learning program you want.  Add your own modules and you have the ultimate learning platform.

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